PlanIt Sound Inc.

PlanIt Sound. an award-winning marketing agency specializing in high quality videos, musical anthems and events. We specialize in completely customizing an event theme and design décor in the most spectacular fashion possible. Leveraging relationships exclusively with the most talented Creative Event Designers and local artists, we will elevate your …

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Rowena Cui

“Business is community. And community is our business.” These are the words that drive me and this is how I endeavour to evolve and grow as a business owner. My relentless hustle and passion for fusing community with marketing inspired the dual vision of PlanIt Sound Inc. – to actively …

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Chad Kruger

Chad Kruger began his career in 2010 with CTV News Edmonton after graduating from NAIT’s Radio and Television Arts program. He started as a video editor then traded in the mouse and keyboard for a camera and microphone to work as a videographer. His experience editing was an asset that …

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Dez Melenka

I’m a small town Gibbons girl who never stopped talking, dreaming or believing it’s all really possible. I am a Mom, wife, sister and daughter first. I am a journalist, entrepreneur, designer, community builder, storyteller, and daydreamer who can get lost in the imagination of my own thoughts. After 15 …

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Mike Tighe

Mike has more than 20 years as a videographer and editor…this is vital to The Creative Hive so we can attract people from the same field and offer young people starting out training with an award winning veteran. Mike has a passion for learning as well and is a member …

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Sheldon Fingler

I care. That’s something missing from most other companies out there. I truly care about each client and the success of their event. The team at Infinite always puts the client first and does whatever it takes to bring our client’s event to the next level.

Hive Media

We are a team that is passionate about sharing your story in the way you want. We will take your ideas and make them a reality. Our job is to bring your vision to life using creativity, planning and experience. We will be your guides during the storytelling journey. We …

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